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Manufactured in accordance with AS/NZS 4130 ‘PE Pipes for Pressure Applications’ using pre-compounded materials conforming to AS/ NZS 4131 ‘PE Compounds for Pressure Pipes and Fittings’. PE pressure pipes are independently certified in accordance with the test requirements of AS/NZ 4130. Standards Mark License number Applications: • Water distribution for town, rural and irrigation purposes • Sewer rising mains • Submarine pipelines for ocean outfalls • Estuary and river crossings • Above ground temporary and unrestrained pipelines • Above ground fixed (restrained) pipe system • Pipeline renovation liners • Sleeve pipes for corrosion or mechanical protection • Chemical process pipe work • Compressed air • Sub-soil drainage (when slotted) • Dredge discharge lines • Mine tailings disposal • Trenchless installations, including directional boring • Natural gas reticulation • LPG reticulation • Landfi ll gas extraction • Acids, alkalies and aggressive chemicals* *

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